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Trophy Club Golf Academy Junior Development is a year round program which provides students the opportunity to gain the skill sets necessary to progress from beginner to High School level golf.  Trophy Club Junior Development offers three classes; Player Development, Advanced Player Development, & Tournament Player Development.  Within each class there are skills and knowledge requirements to reach before moving to the next level of the program.  Listed below is a brief synopsis of each class.  Call Trophy Club Golf Academy at (817)-837-1917 to sign-up today or email Ryan.Hitt@clubcorp.com

Player Development Program - PD


AGES 4-13


The Trophy Club Golf Academy Player Development is a year round junior program designed to provide juniors that are new to the game of golf an engaging experience that will grow into a passion for the game.  The Player Development is the first step in the junior development.  This class is intended to teach our kids how to play golf in a fun/relaxed environment.  There will be certain skill sets that will be required to move to the APD.


Class is 1hr & 10m per week               $140 per month

(Non Members—$185 per month)


Two Classes per week (2 hours 20 min.)


$190 per month


(Non Members—$275 per month)

Advanced Player Development - APD


AGES 6-13


The Advanced Player Development is the second step in the Trophy Club Golf Academy Junior Development Program.  This class is intended to take the engaged student through the more advanced fundamentals of the swing and additional focus on scoring.  Certain skill sets will need to be attained to progress through the Advanced Player Development to reach our final level of Tournament Player Development.


One Class per week (two hours)   

$185 per month

(Non Members—$265 Fee Per Month)


Two Classes per week (four hours)   

$270 per month

(Non Members—$400 per month)

Tournament Player Development - TPD


The Tournament Player Development is our final step in the improvement process.  By this level various skills and knowledge should be attained and major focus will be on fine tuning and in-depth analysis of each students game.  This class will utilize various forms of technology and tracking mechanisms to show results.  TPD will provide the students with an atmosphere of strong competition and major focus on “training” as oppose to teaching.  Graduation through the program will be achieved with admittance into a college golf program.


One Class per week (2.5 hours) 

$230 per month

(Non Members—$300 per month)


Two Classes per week (5 hours)   


$335 per month


(Non Members—$500 per month)